Ministry Brand Audit & Strategy Call

Ministry Brand Audit & Strategy Call


The Ministry Brand Audit & Strategy call is for Churches and Ministries to gain insight into the effectiveness of their current visual identity by evaluating your brand assets and collateral.
The process is 2 scheduled calls with a delivered Overview Report of the Audit and Strategy findings.

1 Hour Discovery Call
1 Hour Strategy Call
PDF Overview of Brand Audit & Strategy Notes

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Imagine two mountains with a valley in between. Your organization is on one mountain and your audience is on the other. You need a brand bridge that connects the two. Is your bridge broken? Is it efficient? Will it break tomorrow?  Is it outdated?

That is the process I walk through in The Ministry Brand Audit.


In the discovery call, I learn about your organization through a proven interview process. I want to know where your ministry is currently, where it has been in the past, and what the vision is for the future. I want to know your audience. Who are you currently engaging with and who you are trying to engage with? I will then compare those discovery notes with your current brand. I get insight to your current brand through the assets you provide. Your website, social media presence, print collateral, advertising efforts - whatever you have, send it my way. 

The second meeting is a one-hour strategy call. The strategy varies greatly depending on an individual ministry’s culture and audience. Although I have some best practices that I will share, there is no "one size fits all” approach. On this call, I will present findings to help your organization gain clarity for how you can better connect your identity and your audience.

You will be provided with a PDF overview of the audit and strategy. 

What is a brand?
Your brand identity is how you are perceived by your audience - your community, donors, congregation. The components of your brand are the obvious things like name, logo, typeface, tagline, but also much more. Your reputation in the community, the personality of your staff, and the design of your facility are all part of your brand.

Brands are discovered, not created.
The reason why strategists say that brands are discovered, not created is because of the process we call discovery. Who are you? What is your identity? What is the most important thing that others should know about you? Okay, that’s established. Now, who is your audience? Where are they? What will appeal to them? What messaging might turn them off? That is where brand strategy begins.